Success Strategy (Strategy of Success)

It is clear from the new syllabus of UPSC and PCS that the nature of Prelims, Main Exam and Interview is different in Civil Services Examination. Where the preliminary examination is the test of knowledge, in the main examination the ability to write and express with knowledge is seen. Personality of the candidate is assessed in the interview. The system of preliminary and main examination is different in the new syllabus but the content is largely the same. Due to the wide scope of general studies, it will be beneficial to study continuously throughout the year. Many such questions are being asked in the Preliminary Examination from the last years which are more conceptual than factual. Obviously, instead of cramming the facts with the answers, it is necessary to explain them in a holistic manner in time. On the other hand good marks can be scored in CSAT question paper by continuous practice and proper guidance. Writing answers on the basis of known facts in the main examination is not enough, rather writing answers with facts clearly and effectively within the given word limit gives good marks.

Essay (Essay)

In the main examination of Civil Services and PCS, the first question paper is essay, which carries 250 and 150 marks respectively. In the Civil Services Examination, on any two of the 8 topics, an essay has to be written in 1000 to 1200 words, for which the time is given for 3 hours. In PCS exam, three essays have to be written in 3 hours, whose maximum word limit is 700 (each). It is clear that this type of essay writing requires continuous practice and the right strategy. By presenting good essay writing, the marks of the main exam can be increased tremendously.

Interview (Interview)

In the new pattern in the Civil Services Examination, 275 marks have been fixed for the interview, which is about 15 percent of the total. Maximum 100 marks have been fixed for interview in PCS exam. It is known from the result of Civil Services Examination that Gaurav Agarwal, who got first position in this, got 206 marks in the interview and Munish Sharma, who got the second position got 204 marks in the interview. In view of this, it can be said with certainty that good marks in the interview played an important role in getting him the first and second position in the examination. The Civil Services Interview Board generally consists of six members including the Chairman. This last stage of the examination examines the personality of the candidate more than the knowledge. The interview usually lasts 20 to 40 minutes. In this, questions are asked from the candidates related to their field, aptitude and current important events. Generally the interview board has a cooperative attitude towards the candidate.